Sophie Bade

I am a professor at the Department of Economics
Royal Holloway College, University of London
Egham, TW20 0EX
United Kingdom

I am affiliated with the Max Planck Institut for Research on Collective Goods
Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 10 D-53113 Bonn, Germany

Recent Working Papers

  • Gibbard-Satterthwaite Success Stories and Obvious Strategyproofness with Yannai Gonczarowski.

  • Shift Exchange Problems

  • Matching with Single Peaked Preferences

  • Random Serial Dictatorship: The One and Only

  • Online Appendix Random Serial Dictatorship: The One and Only This online appendix contains the revised version of my characterization of all Pareto optimal, strategy proof and non-bossy matching mechanisms.

  • Pareto optimal, strategy proof, and non-bossy matching mechanisms This is now superseeded by the online appendix above.

  • Multilateral Matching Under Dichotomous Preferences


  • Pareto-Optimal Matching Allocation Mechanisms for Boundedly Rational Agents Social Choice and Welfare , 2016, 501-510.

  • Fairness and group-strategyproofness clashs in assignement problems Journal of Economic Theory, 2016, 257-262

  • Randomization devices and the elicitation of ambiguity-averse preferences Journal of Economic Theory, 2015, 221-235.

  • Divergent Platforms Theory and Decision 2016, 561-580.

  • Serial dictatorship: the unique optimal allocation rule when information is endogenous Theoretical Economics, 2015, 385-410.

  • Pareto-Optimal Assignments by Hierarchical Exchange Social Choice and Welfare, 2014, 42(2), 279-287.

  • Ambiguity Aversion in Models of Political Economy in Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics, 2013, 169(1), 90-106.

  • Electoral Competition with Uncertainty Averse Parties in Games and Economic Behavior, 2011, 72(1), 12-29.

  • Ambiguous Act Equilibria in Games and Economic Behavior, 2011, , 71(2), 246-260.

  • Bilateral Commitment with Guillaume Haeringer and Ludovic Renou in Journal of Economic Theory, 2009, 144, 18171831.

  • More Strategies More Nash Equilibria with Guillaume Haeringer and Ludovic Renou in Journal of Economic Theory, 2009, 135, 551557.

  • Nash Equilibrium in Games with Incomplete Preferenes in Economic Theory, 2005, 26, 309-332.

    Old Working Papers

  • Political Advocacy with Collective Decision Making with Andrew Rice

  • Ambiguity Aversion and Stochastic Independence