Arnaud Chevalier                      


Magrathea is a myth, a fairy story, it’s what parents tell their kids about at night if they want them to grow up to become economists…”

Douglas Adams, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, p 88, Pan Books, Macmillan, London, 1992



I am a Professor in the Economics department at Royal Holloway, University of London, where since 2017, I am also the head of department.

I am also

a research fellow at IZA

a research fellow at ROA

a research fellow at the Danish Centre for Social Research

a research fellow at the Life Course Centre


My research interest is in Labour economics and more precisely in issues related to Education, Family and Health.



                     All information regarding teaching at Royal Holloway is available from Moodle

                I am always happy to supervise PhDs, please contact me to discuss possibilities



Selected Publications in the last 5 years:


2017   “Make it count: Students incentives and effort” (with P. Dolton and M. Luehrmann), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, (forthcoming)


2017   “Economic Uncertainty, Parental Selection, and Children’s Educational Outcomes  (with O. Marie), Journal of Political Economy,125, 393-430. .

2017   “To be or not to be a Scientist?”  Research in Labor Economics, 45, 1-39.

2016   “Subject Specific League Tables and Students’ Application Decisions” (with Xiaoxuan Jia), Manchester School , 84, 600-620

2015   “Is There a Taste for Racial Discrimination Amongst Employers?” (with A. Bryson), Labour Economics, 34, 51-63

2014   “Does Higher Education Quality Matter in the UK?” Research in Labor Economics, 40, 257-292

2014   “How to Attract International Students?”, IZA-World of Labor, 2014-36

2013   “Parental Education, Income and Child’s Education” (with C. Harmon, V. O’Sullivan and I. Walker), IZA Journal of Labor Economics, 2:8

2011   “An introduction to anchoring vignettes” (with A. Fielding), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, 174, 569–574.

2011   “Health and Knowledge: The UK Measles, Mumps and Rubella Controversy” (with D. Anderberg and J. Wadsworth), Journal of Health Economics, 30, 515-530.  IZA Top 10 Download manuscript (IZA DP 3590)


Submitted manuscript:


Current Projects:

“Asian Gold - Expected Returns to Crime and Thieves Behaviour” (with N. Braakmann and T. Wilson)

“Does Competition drive out Discrimination?” (with A. Bryson)

 “Economic Uncertainty, Parental Selection and the Criminal Activity of the “Children of the Wall” (with O. Marie), IZA, DP 7712

 “What’s in a score?” (with P. Bingley and V. Jensen)

“Own and local unemployment and suicide” ( with D. Avdic)

“Immigration and Redistribution- Evidence from Post-war Population Transfers” (with B. Elsner, A. Lichter and N. Pestel)




        My CV


You can contact me on:

        : Department of Economics

            Royal Holloway, University London

            Egham, TX20 0EX


        '+44/(0) 1784414xxx




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