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“Magrathea is a myth, a fairy story, it’s what parents tell their kids about at night if they want them to grow up to become economists…”

Douglas Adams, “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”, p 88, Pan Books, Macmillan, London, 1992


 I am a reader in the Economics department at Royal Holloway, University of London.  I am also an associate at the Geary Institute at the University College Dublin and at Centre for the Economics of Education at the London School of Economics and research fellow at the Institute for the Study of Labor (IZA).

My research interest is in Labour economics and more precisely the Economics of Education but I am also interested in health and family Economics. 


You can contact me on:

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            Royal Holloway, University London

            Egham, TX20 0EX


        '+44/(0) 1784414971




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facbul1a  Teaching

          facbul1a           All information regarding teaching at Royal Holloway is available from Moodle


facbul1a         Research


facbul1a   Published Papers        

* Refereed Journals

2011 “Subject choice and the earnings of UK graduates”, Economics of Education Review (forthcoming)

2011 “An introduction of anchoring vignettes” (with A. Fielding), Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, series A, 174, 569-574

2011 “Health and Knowledge: the UK Meales, Mumps and Rubella Controversy” (with D. Anderberg and J. Wadsworth) Journal of Health Economics, 30, 515-530

2009 “Students’ academic self-perception” (with S. Gibbons, A. Thorpe, M. Snell and S. Hoskins) Economics of Education Review, 28, 716-727

2009 “ Overeducation and the skills of UK graduates” (with J. Lindley) Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A, 172, 307-337

2008 "Assessment and Age 16+ participation" (with S. Gibbons) Research Papers in Education, 23 (2) 113-123

2007 Gender Wage Differential among UK Graduates”, Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics, 69, 819-842

2007 “Recruiting and Retaining Teachers in the UK: An Analysis of Graduate Occupation Choice from the 1960s to the 1990s” (with P. Dolton and S. McIntosh), Economica, 74, 69-96

2006  “The Microeconomics of Early Child Investment” (with C. Finn, C. Harmon and J. Heckman), Journal of Children’s Services, 1, 2, 18-30

2005  Entrepreneurial Orientation, Technology Transfer, and Spin-off Performance of U.S. Universities” (with P. Allen and R. O'Shea), Research Policy, 34, 994-1008

          2004  “Does Education Raise Productivity, or Just Reflects It?” (with C. Harmon, I. Walker and Y. Zhu), Economic Journal, 114, F499-F517

2004 “Monotonicity and the Roy Model” (with G. Lanot), Manchester School, 72,560-567

2003  Measuring over education”, Economica , 70, 509-531

2003  "The Long-run Labour Market Consequences of Teenage Motherhood" (with T. Viitanen), Journal of Population Economics, 16, 2, 323-343

2002  “Education, Motivation and Pay of UK graduates, Is it Different for Girls?”, European Journal of Education, 37, 4, 347-370

2002 The Causality Between Female Labour Force Participation and the Supply of Childcare” (with T. Viitanen) Applied Economics Letters, 9, 915-918

 2002 The Relative Effect of Family Characteristics and Financial Situation on Educational Achievement” (with G. Lanot), Education Economics, 10, 2, 165-182


* Books and book chapters


2010 “The role of Education on Health” (with K. Myamoto) in “Improving Health and Social Cohesion through Education”, OECD / Centre for Educational Research and Innovation

2009 Intergenerational Mobility and Education Equality” (with K. Denny and D. McMahon) in “Educationa and Inequality across Europe“, P. Dolton, R. Asplund and E. Barth (Eds), Edward Elgar

2005 The Labour Market for Teachers (with P. Dolton) in “What’s the Worth of Education”, S. Machin and A. Vignoles (Eds), Princeton University Press

2005 School Quality and Effectiveness (with P. Dolton and R. Levacic) in “What’s the Worth of Education”, S. Machin and A. Vignoles (Eds), Princeton University Press

2003 Teacher Pay and Performance (with P. Dolton and S. McIntosh) Bedford Way papers, Institute of Education, London

2001  Further Results on the Returns to Education in the UK” (with I. Walker) in “Education and Earnings in Europe: A cross country analysis of returns to education”, C. Harmon, I. Walker, and N. Westergaard-Nielsen (Eds), Edward-Elgar

1999      “The Returns to Education in the UK” (with G. Lanot, I. Walker and P. Woolley), in “Returns to Human Capital in Europe, a literature review”, R. Asplund and P. Telhado Pereira Eds, ETLA, Helsinki


facbul1a   Discussion Papers

* Education

“What do we learn from Pilot Studies?” (with V. O’Sullivan)

“Higher Education Quality”

“Subject Choice and Earnings of UK Graduates”

“To be or not to be a scientist”

         Does it pay to attend a prestigious university with (Gavan Conlon)


* Family

Parental Education, Income and Child’s Education (with C. Harmon, V. O’Sullivan and I. Walker)

Are British mothers queuing for childcare with Tarja K. Viitanen

Just like Daddy: The occupational choice of UK graduates


* Health

 “Mother’s Education and Birth Weight” (with V. O’Sullivan) New Version- Dec 2007

Sheepskin or Prozac: the Causal Effect of Education on Depression” (with L. Feinstein)



The job satisfaction of UK Graduates with Rea Lydon   



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