Conference Report:

On Saturday, 19th September a number of international scholars gathered at 2 Gower Street to discuss "Byzantine Medical Manuals in
Context", at a conference sponsored by the Wellcome Trust and the History Department of Royal Holloway University of London.

The eight presentations focused on topics such as the cultural exchange between Byzantium and the Arabic world in 12th and 13th
century, the reception of Byzantine medicine in the early modern period and the centres of medical book production in the Greek
Middle Ages. A full programme can be found here. One of the papers was presented by a scientist.

We also visited the Wellcome Library to view four medical manuscripts; three of the manuscripts contained a Latin, Greek or Arabic
version of the Capsula Eburnea, the fourth a Syriac-Greek dictionary with Turkish roots.

The conference was hosted by the History Department and jointly organized by Peregrine Horden and Barbara Zipser. It was part of a
Wellcome Trust funded research project on Byzantine medical manuals.

It was a very stimulating meeting, bringing together delegates from the major research centers working in the field, such as the Teuchos
Institute in Hamburg, and the MIET in Athens. A total of 31 scholars from six countries and 22 institutions attended the conference.


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