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Royal Holloway Mathematical Biology Collective

Dr Georg Funk
E-mail: georg.funk@rhul.ac.uk

Mohammed Zeineddine
E-mail: m.zeineddine@rhul.ac.uk

Dr Nico Stollenwerk
E-mail: nico.stollenwerk@rhul.ac.uk

Dr Renaud Vitalis
E-mail: renaud.vitalis@rhul.ac.uk

Dr Robert J.H. Payne
E-mail: robert.payne@rhul.ac.uk

Prof. Vincent A.A. Jansen
E-mail: vincent.jansen@rhul.ac.uk


Research interests
The research of the Mathematical Biology group studies theoretical aspects of ecology, epidemiology, evolution and genetics. On the homepages of the group members you will find more details about their research.
Recent publications

G.D. Kokkoris, V.A.A. Jansen, M. Loreau and A.Y. Troumbis (2002) Variability in interaction strength and implications for biodiversity. Journal of Animal Ecology 71, 362-373

R. Vitalis (2002) Sex-specific genetic differentiation and coalescence times: estimating sex-biased dispersal rates Molecular Ecology 11: 125-138.

N. Stollenwerk, F.R. Drepper and H. Siegel (2001) Testing nonlinear stochastic models on phytoplankton biomass time series. Ecological Modelling 144, 261-277

R.J.H. Payne and M. Pagel (2001) Inferring the origins of state-dependent courtship traits The American Naturalist 157: 42-50.

R. Vitalis, K. Dawson and P. Boursot (2001) Interpretation of variation across marker loci as evidence of selection Genetics 158: 1811-1823.

R. Vitalis and D. Couvet (2001) Two-locus identity probabilities and identity disequilibrium in a partially selfing subdivided population Genet. Res. 77: 67-81.

R. Vitalis, D. Couvet (2001) Estimation of effective population size and migration rate from one- and two-locus identity measures Genetics

R.B. Bradbury, R.J.H. Payne, J.D. Wilson, et al. (2001) Predicting population responses to resource management. Trends in Ecology and Evolution 16: 440-445.

M. van Baalen and V.A.A. Jansen (2001) Dangerous liaisons: the ecology of private interest and common good. Oikos 95, 211-224.

S. Gandon, V.A.A. Jansen and M. van Baalen (2001) Host life history and the evolution of parasite virulence. Evolution 55, 1056-1062. download

R.J.H. Payne and V.A.A Jansen (2001) Understanding bacteriophage therapy as a density-dependent kinetic process. Journal of Theoretical Biology 208: 37-48.

N. Stollenwerk and K.M. Briggs (2000) Master equation solution of a plant disease model Phys. Lett. A 274 (1-2): 84-91.

R.J.H. Payne and D.C. Krakauer (2000) Disruptive sexual selection Trends in Ecology and Evolution

R.J.H. Payne and V.A.A Jansen (2000) Phage therapy: the peculiar kinetics of self-replicating pharmaceuticals. Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 68, 225-230.

M.A. Nowak, J.B. Plotkin and V.A.A. Jansen (2000) The evolution of syntactic communication. Nature 404, 495-498

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