London Area Molecular Plant Sciences (LAMPS) 

Molecular techniques have revolutionised plant science research over the past 10 years, with whole genome sequences of several species now available,  methods for manipulating and characterising plant gene expression well established, and state-of-the-art analytical and structural methods providing exciting insights into how plants function at the molecular level.

Over 40 principal investigators are engaged in internationally-competitive molecular plant science research across the multiple sites of the University of London (Royal Holloway, Imperial College - South Kensington and Wye, Queen Mary and University College) covering an immense diversity of activities, ranging from structural and spectroscopic studies on the photosynthetic machinery to molecular analysis of plant phylogenetic relationships. Furthermore, within the London area, there are a number of prestigious institutes engaged in plant science research which have links with staff in the University, including Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, Rothamsted Research at Harpenden, the Natural History Museum in central London , and Horticulture Research International at East Malling.

LAMPS was established in 2001 to provide a focal point for molecular plant scientists in the University of London and research institutes in the London area.


The aim of LAMPS is to raise the national and international standing of plant science research, and in particular molecular plant science research, in the University of London by:

-acting a s a focal point for communication between plant scientists in the London area

-coordinating the provision of information about molecular plant science research across the University of London through its web site, including publicising major research developments
-organising research symposia for staff and postgraduate students engaged in plant science research from the London area
-contributing to the development of a training programme for postgraduate students in molecular plant science in the London area
-fostering research collaborations between the different sites at which molecular plant science research is carried out within the University of London , and also with relevant research institutions in the London area
-providing a forum, through its web site, for exchanging information about studentship and job vacancies in plant science across the London area
-providing a forum , through its web site for advertising research seminars in the London area of interest to the plant science community
-contributing to the development of collaborative links to improve the teaching of plant science at undergraduate level within the University of London .

3rd LAMPS Symposium at RHUL 20th April 2004


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Previous LAMPS Symposiums:

First meeting, King's College London, 20 September 2001 downloadable Abstracts book

Second meeting, University College London, 12 September 2002 downloadable Abstracts book

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For further information about LAMPS, including placing notices and news items  on the website, contact Professor John Bowyer, School of Biological Sciences, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, Surrey TW20 0EX.  E-mail: