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The following pages detail the activities concerning Enterprise Engineering Research at Royal Holloway.

This work is led by Dr Alan Pilkington who works with collaborators at  other internationally recognised  institutions:
  • NUS, Singapore
  • Wake Forrest University, USA
  • Hamburg University, Germany
  • Imperial College, London
  • UC Davis, USA

What is Enterprise Engineering?
Enterprise Engineering is the application of engineering principles to the management of enterprises. It encompasses the application of  knowledge, principles, and disciplines related to the analysis, design, implementation and operation of all elements associated with an enterprise.

In essence it is an interdisciplinary field which combines systems engineering and strategic management as it seeks to engineer the entire enterprise in terms of the products, processes and business operations. The view is one of continuous improvement and continued adaptation as firms, processes and markets develop along their life cycles. This total systems approach encompasses the traditional areas of research and development, product design, operations and manufacturing as well as information systems and strategic management.
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