Roy Booth

This is the index page Dr. Roy Booth' s academic website. This basic Index page will give you links to web pages related to the courses he teaches or contributes to, especially if they have not been moved over to a specific RHUL 'Moodle' resource: so for EN1112 Introducing English Poetry; EN2010 Renaissance Literature and EN3012 Witchcraft and Drama - please access course materials via

MA: Methods and resources: MAlinks.htm

M.A. Shakespeare: link to mp3's of Shakespeare songs in performance:

EN3012, Witchcraft and Drama

OLD EN3012 course brochure, of Autumn Term 2006 reviseden3012.htm All further resources for EN3012 (images, texts, etc,) have links off that page. BUT 2007-8 students should access the resources via the EN3012 Moodle Resource.

If you need to contact Roy Booth, use this address:

And, for the student insomniac, his academic weblog: