Jamie J. Alnasir MPharm (Hons), PhD research candidate

This is one of my favourite quotes from Alan Watts, a great British Philosopher:

Let's talk about IBM, they have a huge center down near San Josey. You can't put creative research people under the clock, you've got to trust creative research people to fool around, to sit about, drink coffee, or maybe whiskey, and scratch their heads and look at blackboards, and err play, and then suddenly Zingo, some interesting result will occur, but if you make them punch clocks, and if you say "these are the things you've got to discover" it won't work. So the Corporation needs has make an act of faith in it's research personell, it has to say "we recognise you have an amazing gift called brains, we don't know what these are, but it seems in the past you've been fruitful, so we are going to employ you to do your thing..." - Alan Watts