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PharmCalc-Android app (alpha version)

The PharmCalc Android app complimenting the PharmCalc.com website has now been developed and is available to clinicians on the go; an indispensable mobile tool on the ward

Photos of PharmCalc-Android (alpha) running on a Sony Xperia M2...

Clinical computation
on demand, on the go

Using the latest in web and app technologies PharmCalc provides a time-saving means of performing common pharmacy calculations thereby assisting the clinician in the design and validation of dosage regimes that are efficacious and minimally toxic.

The computational method allows for easy adjustment of calculation parameters, practically instantaneously, without having to go through the tedious process of re-calculating by hand.

PharmCalc facilitates easy calculation of Loading and Maintenance doses for routinely used drugs such as Digoxin and Theophylline. The project is founded on well established literature with each online tool outlining the calculations and references used.

Recent additions to the project include an IV Gentamicin dosing calculator.


As is customary for Android applications, PharmCalc-Android is available via the Android Marketplace (Google Play) -- Download PharmCalc-Android