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Hi! I am Koenraad Audenaert.

I was born in Eeklo (Belgium) on July 1st 1965.

I am married to Karen, and we have four children:

Leni (1994), Arnout (1996), Emmy (2000) and Ewout (2002).


Liam-E: ku.ca.luhr@treanedua.daarneok


(Living creatures beware: this is my email address spelled backwards!)


Note: A common misspelling of my name:  Konrad Adenauer




1990-1994: Research assistant, University of Ghent, Electronics and Information Systems (ELIS)

1995-1996: Software Engineer, Dekimo, Ghent (Since I left, they seem to be doing very well!)

1996-1998: Postdoctoral researcher, University of Ghent, ELIS group

1998-1999: R&D Engineer (part-time), Barco Graphics, Ghent (now: Esko Graphics)

1999-2001: Postdoctoral researcher, KU Leuven, Dept. of Electrical Engineering (ESAT)

2001-2002: Postdoctoral research fellow in the group of M.B. Plenio, Imperial College London, Quantum Optics and Laser Science

2002-2004: Lecturer at University of Wales, Bangor

2004-2006: Imperial College London, Quantum Optics and Laser Science

2006-2007: Fellow of the Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Imperial College London

2007-Present: Lecturer, and then Reader at Maths Dept, Royal Holloway, University of London




Quantum Information Theory, especially the mathematical study of entanglement measures,

channel capacities, measurements, state discrimination and more.


Because I use Matrix Analysis so often, it has become a second strand of my research output,

where I focus, in particular, on matrix inequalities.




Here is my publication list.

My physics publications can be found on-line at the ArXiv preprint server.

For my mathematics publications see the ArXiv preprint server as well.








If you’re interested in doing a PhD with me, click here.


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